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Produce high-quality braille material with this free, revolutionary tool!

Catalog Number: D-30029-AP

Product Description

BrailleBlaster takes advantage of the rich markup contained in files like NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard), EPUB, and DOCX to automate translation and formatting. Designed primarily for editing textbooks that meet the specifications published by the Braille Authority of North America (BANA), the purpose of BrailleBlaster is to help braille producers ensure that every student has his or her braille textbooks on the first day of class. It can also be used to make every day braille materials like tests, worksheets, and other reading passages.

BrailleBlaster relies on Liblouis, a well-known, open-source braille translator, for translating text and mathematics to braille.

The development of BrailleBlaster and modifications to Liblouis are part of the REAL Plan (Resources with Enhanced Accessibility for Learning). The REAL Plan is an ongoing initiative of APH to improve the conversion and delivery of braille and other accessible formats to students who are blind.

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Download BrailleBlaster:

    • The BrailleBlaster editing tool offers braille transcribers a rapid means to:
    • Translate braille accurately in UEB or EBAE Format braille
    • Automate line numbered poetry and prose
    • Split books into volumes
    • Add transcriber notes
    • Describe images
    • Automate braille table of contents, glossaries, preliminary pages, and special symbols pages
    • Automate a variety of tables
    • Style, Print, and Braille Views that allow the transcriber to see the print text and braille text simultaneously and operate styles, all at the click of a key
    • Both Windows® and Mac® versions available
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