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BrailleBuzz App

The FREE BrailleBuzz™ App for Android® and iOS® uses a fun environment to introduce young children who are blind or low vision to some of their first experiences with electronic braille. BrailleBuzz is now available in English and Spanish.

Download BrailleBuzz from the AppStore
Download BrailleBuzz from the Google Play Store

Catalog Number: D-30035-AP


Product Description

Combining fun sounds and activities, the BrailleBuzz App provides an introduction to braille, as well as teaching the skills necessary to perform basic activities for controlling the app, and identifying braille letters. The App provides the functionality of the original BrailleBuzz product, with the added electronic braille experience. While the BrailleBuzz App was designed especially for APH’s Chameleon 20 and Braille Trail Reader LE refreshable braille displays; it also works with any connected display.

Find BrailleBuzz in the AppStore
Find BrailleBuzz in the Google Play Store


  • iOS users should turn off Quick Nav. Instructions for turning off Quick Nav can be found here
  • Go into your device’s “Accessibility Settings,” and disable the on-screen keyboard from displaying when a braille display is connected. iPad users will need to manually hide the on-screen keyboard with the “Hide Keyboard” button.
  • Braille input and output should be set to uncontracted or 8-dot computer braille.

See Perkins’ BrailleBuzz App Review, including some helpful demo videos of the App in action.

Check out the APH Access Academy First Steps of Literacy Using the Braille Buzz App video, which covers the philosophy of introductory braille electronic tools and their benefits, along with a demonstration of the Braille Buzz App.

    • Builds language and literacy skills for English and Spanish-speaking braille readers
    • Can be used to teach Spanish to native-English speaking students
    • Includes native Spanish audio relatable to an ESL student
  • Product Type: Assistive, Braille Learning

    Federal Quota Funds: Not Available

  • Contact Customer Service to discuss your warranty options.