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Building on Patterns: Primary Braille Literacy Program: Second Grade: Posttest Teacher’s Manual, Braille

The posttest is an important component of the Building on Patterns (BOP): Second Grade – UEB.


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Unlike the Unit Check-ups, included in the child’s textbooks, the posttest is an important, separate item which assesses the concepts and skills covered throughout the Second Grade Level of BOP. A set of consumable forms is provided in braille for the student and in print and braille for the teacher. The teacher’s manuals, available in both print and braille editions (sold separately), give complete instructions for administering and scoring the tests and analyzing the results. Results can be recorded tactually on an accompanying line graph showing target scores for each subtest. This sheet makes it easy to see areas where the child is excelling as well as areas where remediation may be needed.

To administer the posttest, you will need the following materials from APH (each sold separately):
Posttest Teacher’s Manual in either the print or braille edition
Posttest Consumables Pack