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Digital Light Box Artwork: Supporting Language and Literacy

Transitioning from the Light Box to the computer made simple!


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Product Description

Transitioning from the Light Box to the computer made simple!

Use the Digital Light Box Artwork (DLBA) with your software to provide extension activities for the Light Box and/or provide familiar images for children who transition from Light Box to computer activities.

APH has digitized the individual art pieces from the APH Light Box Materials for use on the computer. The accompanying large print instruction guide teaches how to create personalized activities for cause & effect, choice making, and multiple-choice. The artwork works in both Windows® and Mac® platforms and can be used with many commercially available authoring programs, such as Clicker®, and Boardmaker®. The artwork files are provided in .png format. The instruction guide gives detailed instructions on how to create activities using PowerPoint®.

About the Artwork
Each piece of artwork is available in black line, red line, and full color. Instructions teach the user to change and/or add color to the artwork. This function is great for learners with cortical visual impairment who demonstrate a color preference. Instructors can create full-page black line art for a coloring activity to enrich the classroom lesson or as a take home project.

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