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Feel the Beat

The lessons in this curriculum teach Music Braille Code, and focus on reading, playing, and memorizing measures through the use of a soprano recorder.


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Product Description

The ability to “play music by ear” is an asset, but is only one part of playing music. As part of braille literacy, braille readers should be introduced to braille music at the same time that their sighted peers begin reading music in print (usually around third or fourth grade).

Feel the Beat was developed by Christine Short. Among other honors, Christine was the 2011 co-recipient of the “Louis Braille Touch of Genius Prize,” awarded by National Braille Press, for her Music Braille Curriculum, which has become “Feel the Beat.”

“This is going to be an incredibly helpful tool for a lot of teachers and parents. Thank you very much for creating this!” – Georgetown, Ontario TVI.

    • By beginning with some already-familiar tunes, your students will have some early successes on which to build.
    • Lessons focus on reading measures, playing measures, and memorizing measures
    • Fingering and Note Chart
    • Student Music Book (braille)
    • Teacher Music Book (print)
    • Lesson Plans
  • Manuals

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