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Finger Walks: Replacement Sheets

Replacement part for Finger Walks (1-02850-00)


Federal Quota Eligible

Out of stock

Catalog Number: 61-085-005

Product Description

An optional set of 4 additional tactile labyrinths is available as a replacement set. These are the first 4 designs from the complete set, offered for situations where duplicates are needed for teaching multiple students.

    • Labyrinths that allow students to experience different sensations and rhythms
    • Designs that span over 4,000 years and five continents
    • Different shapes and path widths that require varying amounts of concentration to complete
    • Paths that are angular, round, allow for broad, sweeping movements, or are full of sharp, short switches in direction
    • 100% of TVI field testers found Finger Walks to be a great tool to practice tracking, hand movement, and other tactile reading skills
    • Sixteen full-color tactile labyrinths on durable vinyl pages
    • Large print guidebook with suggestions for use, historical notes, and resources for further study
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs

    Dimensions: 11.2 × 11.7 × 0.75 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Product Type: Tactile Learning

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