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Federal Quota Eligible

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Product Description

The I-M-ABLE book and accompanying kit materials are designed to motivate, engage, and reward children who are candidates for braille reading instruction, but who are struggling with the beginning stages of learning letters and sounds.

The Individualized Meaning-Centered Approach to Braille Literacy Education is described in detail in the book I-M-ABLE. Success is built into each lesson. Students are rewarded with progress, which further engages them in the learning experience.

Reading instruction is centered on continuously analyzing the strengths and needs of students, placing emphasis to engage them using key vocabulary words and phrases based on their individual experiences and interests. Teachers will find this resource invaluable for helping students with mild to moderate cognitive impairments, or other difficulties, make progress in braille reading and writing.

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    Product Type: Braille Learning, Reading and Writing

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    • I-M-ABLE book, written by Dr. Diane P. Wormsley (2016)
    • I-M-ABLE teacher workshop training videos (link to videos provided in Teacher Instruction Booklet) and handouts
    • APH Word PlayHouse Kit - assists with development of phonics skills as detailed in the I-M-ABLE book
    • Four nonslip, desktop APH Sorting Trays for playing games with word cards
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