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Lots of Dots: Counting 1 2 3

This beloved APH classic now offers a Parent/Teacher Enrichment Guide in UEB!


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Catalog Number: 1-10001-01

Format: Braille


Product Description

Learning by coloring is fun!

This raised-line coloring book presents the numbers 0-30 and then integers of 10 up to 90 in a fun format.

Lots of Dots: Counting 1 2 3 is one book in the Lots of Dots Coloring Book Series. An exciting set of three raised-line coloring books designed for future large print and braille readers. The books are designed for sequential use; children develop character recognition, pre-literacy, and pre-math skills, and eventually picture building and daily living skills.

Lots of Dots helps children with visual impairments gain skills similar to those of their sighted peers, facilitating peer interaction. Accompanying each book are suggested enrichment exercises for each letter, number, or word, allowing a child to fully associate the print letter, the braille, the tactile graphic, and the object.

Lots of Dots: Counting 1 2 3
This book presents the numbers 0-30 and then integers of 10 up to 90. Each number has two pages:

  • The first page features two or three large braille cells. The number is shown with its braille equivalent, along with reduced-size cells showing which dots need to be colored to complete the number
  • The second page shows the number and tactile graphic depiction of easy-to-find objects that begin with the same letter as the number, i.e., five fans, seventeen seashells, etc.

Attached to the inside front cover is a plastic stencil of three large braille cells. This can be folded over the blank pages, allowing the child to practice the braille cell for the number by tracing or by using the accompanying foam braille chips. This book uses uncontracted braille.