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Match Sticks

A game for players with low vision, including CVI.


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Catalog Number: 1-08157-00

Product Description

A Game for players with low vision, including those with cortical vision impairment (CVI). The Match Sticks game is designed to provide children in Phases II and III of the CVI Range Assessment* with a matching activity that is fun and entertaining and that helps develop vision skills.


Children for whom this game would be appropriate:

  • At least 5 years of age
  • Currently in Phase II or Phase III according to the CVI Range Assessment*
  • Able to recognize a particular color among other colors
  • Have emerging matching skills

Match Sticks Kit Includes:

  • Drawstring bag
  • Guidelines for Use booklet
  • Cylindrical cup
  • Hook adhesive dots

Three sets of Match Sticks:

– Phase II Match Sticks have a long, brightly colored stripe on a noncomplex background.
– Phase II Advanced Match Sticks have a medium length, brightly colored stripe on a black and white patterned background.
– Phase III Match Sticks have a short, brightly colored stripe on a complex multicolored background.

Use the following APH products to play with and display Match Sticks:

  • All-In-One Board
  • All-In-One Board Student Model
  • Invisiboard
  • Trifold Board
  • Felt Board
  • Small black Work-Play Tray
  • Small yellow Work-Play Tray
  • Large black Work-Play Tray
  • Large Yellow Work-Play Tray

The Guidelines for Use booklet provides a full description of game prerequisites, components of the game, set-up and directions for play, modifications for game play, alternate play options, and vision skill goals.

* Roman-Lantzy, C. ((c)2007). Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention. American Foundation for the Blind Press.

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    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Product Type: Toys Games and Puzzles

    Age: 5 years and up

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