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Math Drill Cards: Number/Math Signs UEB

Elementary students who are blind or visually impaired can quickly and easily learn their math facts with these UEB and Large Print Math Drill Cards!


Federal Quota Eligible

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Catalog Number: 1-03545-00

Product Description

These large print/braille Number and Math Sign Cards feature a math sign or number sign (in braille and large print) on one side of the card, and braille on the opposite side. Braille is UEB Braille Code for Mathematics.


Note: Some assembly required. These cards can also be used with the Card Chart Kit, 1-03550-00.
  • Weight: 0.445 lbs

    Dimensions: 12.05 × 11.5 × 1 in

    Product Type: Toys Games and Puzzles

    Language: English

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    • Sold in five separate sets: Number/Math Signs, Addition Facts, Subtraction Facts, Multiplication Facts, and Division Facts).
    • 3 1/2 x 2 inches
    • Low-glare paper; black printing; orientation corner cut
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