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Orientation and Mobility for Wheelchair Users with Visual Impairment or Blindness

Web-based O&M travel safety instruction publication.


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Catalog Number: D-03490-ED

Product Description

This web-based publication helps O&M instructors learn how to train students who are wheelchair users to travel safely and effectively.

Follow Scott Crawford as he instructs a variety of adult wheelchair users—who also experience vision impairment—in the proper techniques to complete tight turns, enter and exit through doorways, trail sidewalks and curbs, ascend and descend stairs and escalators, and much more. Scott’s ability to analyze the environment and to solve mobility obstacles make this a must have educational tool.

This website shares techniques and strategies that are proven successful with students in the rehabilitation setting. It does not suggest that any particular skill be taught in a particular method, and acknowledges that what works successfully with some students may fail with others.

The O&M for Wheelchair Users website includes 12-chapters with Q&A and True Story sidebars plus 197 demonstration video clips. Each chapter has easy access to the top of the chapter, main menu, previous chapter, and next chapter.

System Requirements:
• Internet connection. Because of the video content, you may wish to use a WiFi connection rather than a cellular data connection.
• Windows: Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome 32+ or FireFox 27+
• Mac: Safari 6+, Chrome 18+
• iPad and iPhone: Safari


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