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Protein Synthesis Kit

Decode messenger RNA with the genetic code and create transfer RNA molecules that bring amino acids in the correct order to form a protein.


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This kit teaches students how to translate a strand of messenger RNA (from the DNA-RNA Kit) into a strand of amino acids which forms the primary structure of a protein. Students use the Genetic Code Large Print Braille (included in the kit) to decode the messenger RNA and form transfer RNA molecules that guide the sequencing of amino acids.

    • 64 transfer RNA subunits
    • 6 Stop Release factor subunits
    • 4 Start Methionine subunits
    • Two sets of all 20 amino acids
    • APH Genetic Code Large Print Braille
    • Large print guidebook Storage/carry-box, large enough to hold this kit and the DNA-RNA Kit
    • Accessible HTML and BRF versions of the guidebook are available for download through the APH website
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    Subject: STEM

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