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Reach & Match, Alphabet Tiles

These alphabet tiles are a supplement to be used in conjunction with The Reach & Match® Learning Kit. Each of the 26 tiles has a corresponding shape, color, texture, sound, and tactile marking to represent a different letter in the English alphabet.

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Product Description

The Reach & Match, Alphabet Tiles are an accessory to the complete Reach & Match® Learning Kit. Each letter in the English alphabet corresponds to a tile that is differentiated by its shape, color, texture, sound, and tactile marking. With these additional tiles, students will be able to spell more words than before.

Letters A through G are represented by the round white and red tiles and have a tactile marking of four raised circles. The letters H through N are white and blue triangles and have a tactile marking of three parallel S curves. White and green square tiles represent letters O through T, and their tactile marking is five thin parallel straight lines. The remaining letters in the alphabet, U through Z, are characterized by white and yellow pentagon tiles. The tactile markings found on these six tiles are three thick parallel lines with rounded corners. Tiles A through G and U through Z have a texture like a grain of rice, whereas tiles H through T have a texture similar to brick on a building.

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    • Provides training with braille and print learning, motor development, direction, spatial awareness, and identifying tactile patterns.
    • With the Reach & Match, Alphabet Tiles users can now spell words with duplicate vowels and consonants.
    • 26 tiles letters A – Z in a zip lock bag
  • Weight: 2.755 lbs

    Dimensions: 11.05 × 6.8 × 5.05 in

    Product Type: Tactile Learning

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Age: 3 Years and up

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