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Six Little Dots, Game of Cards – UEB, 2018

Play by touch! This is a game offers a fun approach to learning braille numbers. When played among family and friends, rich opportunities for social inclusion and spreading braille awareness are achieved.


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Six Dots Game of Cards offers 42 colorful tactile cards belongs to one of seven different texture “families” (names in print and braille on each card). Within each family are 6 unique cards, each with a single textured Dot in numbered positions modeled after the arrangement of dots in a braille cell. The goal is to collect all six Dot cards needed to form a complete family.

Six Little Dots Game of Cards is produced for APH by the French tactile book publisher, Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (LDQR). Richly textured collage style illustrations with interactive features are visually attractive and have appeal for all young learners as well as adults sharing the books with a child. The illustrations’ design is based on research into the needs of tactual learners. Text is provided in large print and contracted Unified English Braille, provided as clear, silkscreened braille of high quality and durability.

LDQR books have been featured in Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities, a catalog and exhibit organized by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). IBBY is a non-profit organization representing an international network of people committed to bringing books and children together.

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