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Get oriented and familiarized with 16 different sports courts and fields! SPORTS COURTS provides tactile exploration across various courts and fields commonly used in sports.


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Catalog Number: 1-08109-00

Product Description

SPORTS COURTS is a one-of-a-kind, instructional kit designed to familiarize students who are blind or low vision with a variety of sports and encourage participation in athletics. Interactive and tactile maps allow students to become oriented with the layout of various sports courts and fields – Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Beep Baseball, Bowling, Floor Hockey, Football, Goalball, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Ultimate, and Volleyball.

The tactile layouts in SPORTS COURTS provide a snapshot of the entire court/field that can be challenging to comprehend by verbal description alone. The scaled-down representations (11”x17”) can be safely explored by fingertips to form a mental image each court/fields layout. The accompanying magnetic-backed 3-D pieces enhance learning by allowing interactive setups and demonstration of player positions and movements, as well as critical features such as nets or goal posts.

Beyond just the basics of each sport’s standard rules, scoring methods, and terminology, the guide outlines specific recommendations for instructional strategies, equipment modifications, and gameplay accommodations for the target population.

    • Encourages interest and participation in athletics
    • Great resource for TVIs, adaptive physical education teachers, O&M specialists, and other professional or family members working with school-age students.
    • High-contrasting colors for users who are low vision
    • Saves time and resources trying to create diagrams
    • Binder with set of 18 Sports Courts Chapter Booklets
    • Sports Courts and fields
    • Bag A: Bowling Pins and Goal Posts
    • Bag B: Goals, Nets, and Flags
    • Bag C: Red “X” players & Black “O” players
    • Bag D: Yellow and Red 3D Players
    • Two 3-Hole punched zipper pouches
    • Multicolor filing tabs
    • Red graphic art tape
    • Adhesive-backed magnetic coins
    • Magnetic dry erase board
    • Braille/print parts list
    • “It is an invaluable ready tool that PE teachers can use to give students who are blind or low vision easy access to understanding court layouts and player positions. It gives teachers all the information they need with well thought-out graphics and tactile images that are not cluttered.”
    • “This is a valuable tool. Even if the students don’t ever have an opportunity to play the sports, they still enjoy learning about them. They can then contribute to sports-related conversations and feel more included.”
    • “It is a conversation starter between the TVI and the general ed or adaptive PE teacher, as it will help us be more imaginative together. Also, I can imagine students being better advocates and problem solvers in PE.
    • “Covers common sports—LOTS of history, adaptations, and video links. A one stop resource for O&M to do and preview with the student or to loan PE teachers for ideas.”
    • “It is an amazing product that will change adapted PE inclusion. The materials were versatile and able to be used and stored on the go.”
  • Downloads

    • SPORTS COURTS Braille Files (ZIP)
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      Catalog Number: 1-08109-00

      • 23-810-001A—Overview Chapter
      • 23-810-001B—Badminton
      • 23-810-001C—Baseball
      • 23-810-001D—Basketball
      • 23-810-001E—Beep Baseball
      • 23-810-001F—Bowling
      • 23-810-001G—Floor Hockey
      • 23-810-001H—Football
      • 23-810-001I—Goalball
      • 23-810-001J—Golf
      • 23-810-001K—Lacrosse
      • 23-810-001L—Soccer
      • 23-810-001M—Softball
      • 23-810-001N—Speedball
      • 23-810-001O—Swimming
      • 23-810-001P—Tennis
      • 23-810-001Q—Track and Field
      • 23-810-001R—Ultimate
      • 23-810-001S—Volleyball
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