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Studio Recorder Software: Digital Download

Studio Recorder software contains many features that make recording, editing, and proofreading digital audio books easy.


Federal Quota Eligible

Catalog Number: D-03600-ED

Product Description

Originally created by APH to serve as an internal tool for creating direct-to-digital audio recordings, Studio Recorder PC software contains many features that make recording, editing, and proofreading audio books easy. It is a powerful digital recording and editing software package geared specifically for making recordings of the spoken word and includes features not found in similar programs primarily designed for music production.

Download a free demo of Studio Recorder.

Software Enhancements as of October 2020:

  • Large File Support: Where Studio Recorder was previously limited to two gigabytes of recording time, you may now record as much material as you have hard drive space. This allows you, for example, to record a very long program, or leave the computer unattended after you start recording, knowing that everything will be recorded.
  • Larger MP3 Files: We now let you open an MP3 file up to two gigabytes in size, regardless of content length.
  • Support for 32-Bit Float Files: Editing of 32-bit float files is now possible, allowing one to capture recordings with new field recorders which support this format, and edit these recordings in Studio Recorder. The advantage of 32-bit float files is that one need not be concerned with setting levels when recording with these new field recorders. Just record, load the result into Studio Recorder, and then worry about levels.
  • Background Processing: While Studio Recorder allowed background file saving for years, one had to wait for other processing functions to complete, such as normalizing. You may now edit one file while normalizing another, for example.
  • Support for Multimedia Commands: Want to control Studio Recorder with a Bluetooth headset? Simple functionality with these headsets is now possible, such as Play / Pause, and navigating rapidly through the current document.
  • Improved Responsiveness: Studio Recorder is more responsive to recording and playback demands of modern systems, making small recording dropouts a thing of the past.


To proceed with your purchase:  Please select the quantity of unique software license keys you require and select “Add to Cart” and proceed to the Checkout when you have completed shopping. License keys matching the quantity purchased will be provided after completing your order.  To install the program, download the demonstration version of the software available at and use your license key to unlock the full version.

  • Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Product Type: Assistive

    Media: Software

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