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Tactile Compass for Math and Art

This assistive tool enables students who are visually impaired to draw tactile circles for their math and art classes.


Federal Quota Eligible

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Catalog Number: 1-08894-00

Product Description

Tactile Compass for Math & Art allows students to draw tactile circles up to 6 inches in diameter and includes tactile markings in inches and centimeters, so students can measure circle radii. Two different spur wheels are also included allowing students to draw both single-line and double-line circles.

The compass should be used in combination with braille paper or plastic film and a rubber mat, which are not included with this product.

WARNING: This product contains a sharp point and should be used with caution and only under adult supervision.

Age Range: 7 and Up

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    • Tactile Compass for Math & Art Includes:
    • Tactile compass
    • Storage pouch
    • User's Guide in print and in braille
  • Weight: 0.737 lbs

    Dimensions: 5.1 × 12.45 × 10.85 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Age: 7 years and up

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