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TactPlus Printer and Paper Bundle

The TactPlus printer, with its specialty capsule paper, is the perfect tactile printing solution for the office, classroom, or at home.

The TactPlus™ printer offers a revolutionary design driven by thermal printing. This ground-breaking technology enables 3-D images to be printed from a single device, at a price that’s more affordable than ever before. TactPlus can only be used with its specialized paper. Similar to swell paper, this fine, thermal, foamed capsule paper is heated by the TactPlus printer, printing high-quality braille and graphics, in one easy step. One TactPlus printer and paper bundle.

Price: $4,600.00

Note: Not available with Quota funds.

Note: This product requires special handling. It cannot be directly ordered online. Please call us at 1-800-223-1839 to initiate an order.