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  • Learn a few tips and tricks to help you find the products and information you are searching for.

    Tip 1: Start with a catalog number
    If you are searching for a particular product on our shop start with the product catalog number. All shop products are associated to a catalog number and can be found quickly by searching with that number.

    If you are wondering where to find a product catalog number you can download or order any of our product catalogs ( each containing product catalog numbers for the products you are trying to find at no charge to you. Also, you can download the catalog to your personal device or print the catalog for your future off-line reference.

    Note: Because we add new products, update products and discontinue products our print catalog and website will not always reflect the same exact products. We update our catalog annually and our website as products change. Please be aware that some products do not appear on our website.

    For a list of discontinued products please reference the area labeled MyResources in your APH Federal Quota online account at .

    For help searching for replacement and consumable parts by part number, see Tip 4 and you will be able to find the APH Parts Catalog here .

    Tip 2: Search using product titles
    If you are searching for a specific product on the APH web shop and you do not have a product catalog number, then use a product title. All products have a title which can be found as the leading text on every product page.

    Our product catalogs are a good place to find product titles. Even though the product titles on the web site do not always match our product titles in the catalog it will be helpful to use an iteration of the product title to use in the search. See below for examples.

    Without a catalog or if you need to search quickly try to provide a product’s title and so long as you are able to provide enough keywords from a products title your ability to return the product you are searching for will be greater. Title accuracy produces the best results.

    Some examples include:

    • Mini-Lite box vs Mini Light (check for dashes) – Mini-Lite box is the correct product title
    • TactileDoodle vs Tactile Doodle (check for spaces between two words) – TactileDoodle is the correct product title
    • Building on Patterns First Grade vs BOP 1st grade (check for words that may be abbreviated) – Building on Patterns is the correct product title
    • Video Mag HD versus HD (Use as much of the title as possible as using two letters “HD” will not produce the Video Mag HD) – Video Mag HD is the correct product title

    Tip 3: Search using topics
    If you are not searching for a product but instead are searching for information on consider searching for topics such as; accessibility, education, fitness, etc. as a few examples. Topics are abstract and can only be found if it exists within the content of a page on APH.

    The header and footer navigation is another great way to search our site. Our header navigation takes you to static content within our site about our organization, while our footer contains pertinent as well as dynamic information such as Articles which are periodicals and Newsroom which are important updates from APH.

    Tip 4: Searching for Optional and Replacement Parts
    If you are searching for optional or replacement parts for products on the shop, all parts are now found on the associated product page. You can search for the parent product that the part is associated with to find it within the Optional and Replacement Items of the product page.

    Tip 5: Searching for books (Excluding APH Press books)
    When searching for large print, braille or audio books, we recommend that you search for those types of books on Once you find the book you are searching for (so long as it is a title that APH produces. For more info contact our customer service) copy the catalog number from Louis and then search for it here on

    If searching for APH Press titles, simply search for the title you are searching for on All APH Press titles are available through our search.

    Tip 6: Expanded Search Filtering
    When searching on you can filter the results. First just below the search bar are four filter types; Pages, Products, Posts, and Documents. By default a search will contain all four of these results along with how many results have returned for each type. Pages are the common pages that make up Products are found on the APH shop. Posts are blog articles and news updates. Documents are downloadable files and documents associated to products such as manuals and software. You can narrow your search to any one of those types to help you find what you are searching for.

    If you are still having trouble finding what you are searching for on please call our customer service line and speak with an experienced representative that can assist.

    Customer Service can be reached at: 800-223-1839 or email Hours are from 8am to 8pm weekdays.

    We’d also like to inform you that we at APH are working very diligently to make the best experience possible in every way that we are able. If you have any feedback, please contact our customer service team and provide us with your thoughts as to how we can improve the experience for you. Otherwise, keep checking back as we have some very exciting updates in the works in the near future!

Searching for textbooks from APH or other accessible media producers? Go to Louis.

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Making Math More Accessible: Monarch’s Braille Editor and Graphing Calculator
A woman touches the Monarch's braille display as a monitor behind the device displays a graph.

Math is not the most accessible subject for students who are blind or have low vision. Adaptations to activities and...


Seeing Through Someone Else’s Eyes: Bioptic Lenses Pave the Way for Bioptic Driving
A woman wearing bioptic lenses smiles as she sits in the driver's seat of a car.

Have you ever seen someone who had glasses with what looked like miniature telescopes attached to the lenses? A special...


APH Celebrates National Library Week!
National Library Week poster image with

National Library Week is an annual celebration of the value and impact libraries across the country bring to their communities....


The Monarch: Improving Braille Literacy for Students
A student using two hands to read braille on the Monarch's refreshable braille display.

Braille helps students who are blind or low vision with reading, writing, and comprehension so they can succeed in school...


Summing Up Success: 2024 Abacus Bee Finals
A student types on a Perkins Brailler sitting next to a Cranmer Abacus.

APH’s Outreach Services team hosted close to 100 people in Louisville, KY on March 21-24 for a weekend of competition,...


Making the Monarch: A Revolutionary Device for All
Two hands wearing several rings feel a tactile graphic of a car displayed on the Monarch’s 10-line by 32-cell refreshable braille display.

People often picture the majestic butterfly when they hear the name “Monarch.” As part of our braille metamorphosis at APH,...


Please Touch! Making Museum Collections Accessible
Four seated people touch a charcoal-colored protoype of an intricate incense burner, which is standing on a table. Several people in the background look on.

What do you think of when you hear the words “museum collection?” Artifacts like objects, paintings, photographs, rare books, or...


Go on an Adventure with The Caterpillar
The orange caterpillar made of fuzzy fabric with antennae sits across a foam cut out of child’s hand against a green field.

Are you curious about the outside world? Explore your very own backyard with the help of a fuzzy, orange caterpillar...


APH Welcomes Montreece Payton-Hardy as Director of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity
A photo of Montreece smiling with a closed mouth while wearing a matching blue blazer and collared shitrt. Text reads

The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) is pleased to welcome Montreece Payton-Hardy as the new Director of Inclusion,...


Juno – Latest Update
Missing Image Placeholder


Monarch Waitlist
Missing Image Placeholder

Web Page

Tactile Book Builder Kit: Equipping Educators to Meet a Multitude of Needs
A pair of hands cutting blue paper over a table containing parts from the Tactile and CVI Book Builder kits.

At APH, we strive to create products that assist both teachers and students with unique learning needs. The Tactile Book...


An Artist’s InSight: An Interview with Lynda McKinney Lambert
An ornate beaded talisman lies on a white surface. It is adorned with onyx, seafoam green and pink stones, and many other cool-hued beads and stones. The beads cascade down in thin tassels from the bottom of the talisman, and a beaded wire connects to both of its upper corners.

International Women’s Month, observed annually during the month of March, is a global celebration highlighting the achievements, contributions, and challenges...


Exploring the World of Adapted Physical Education: Enhancing Inclusivity for Blind and Visually Impaired Students: Paralympic Sport Training and Inclusion
Keith Young coaching at the 2022 IBSA World Goalball Championships. Three players sit on the bench behind him.

Whether they are going for the gold on a court, field, or in a pool, athletes push themselves to be...


2024 KY Braille Challenge Promotes Braille Literacy
Three students wearing medals and holding white envelopes smile as they stand in front of a Kentucky Regional Braille Challenge banner, which is flanked by colorful balloons on both sides.

Imagine being one of the select few to participate in a contest that assesses your knowledge of a literacy method...


Connect the Dots: Light & Shadow
A standing man and a seated woman show a seated young girl and a kneeling man a colorful image of a cartoon dinosaur on the Jupiter’s screen.

The second festival in our education series, Connect the Dots, powered by PNC Foundation, “Light & Shadow,” took place on...


Chameleon Text-to-Speech Update Gives Users Ability to Customize Experience
A close up view of the Chameleon 20's 20-cell refreshable braille display and Perkins-style keyboard.

The perfect device for learning and reinforcing braille literacy skills, the Chameleon 20 is an electronic braille device that allows...


Blast Off with Astro Adventure Balls App
A screenshot of Swirl at the ballpark. Swirl is a red ball with black and yellow ribbing, and she has an animated smiling face. In the background is a pitcher's plate and green foliage.

Joining the APH family of educational apps is Astro Adventure Balls —an app that makes learning a captivating and multi-sensory...


Blindness History Basics: The War on the Dots
An original Hall Braille Writer with a glossy black and silver metal exterior and glossy black keys with a white surface under them. The words “Hall Braille Writer Patent Pending” sit above the keys and are separated by the braille writer’s handle. A worn cylindrical piece of leather can be seen wrapped around one of the horizontal metal rods toward the back of the braille writer.

Today, it is typical for individuals who are sighted to read print and for people who are blind or low...


Astro Adventure Balls App
A screenshot of the Astro Adventure Ball app character Twirl in outer space among three large yellow stars. Whirl is a yellow ball with red and black ribbing.

Astro Adventure Balls app is a free app for iPad and Android tablets that offers an engaging and interactive experience…

Catalog Number: D-00410-AP

Not Federal Quota Eligible


Missing Image Placeholder

Web Page

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Web Page

APH’s Partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Brings Literacy Resources to All Students
A young child reading the braille on a braille book that is sitting in their lap.

Every book is a gateway to learning and exploration. Whether you are listening to a novel or guiding your fingers...


Learning to Braille with a Slate and Stylus: Pop-It Braille Basics
A row of seven colorful “Pop It” fidget toys, each with two columns of three bubbles. The numbers 1-6 are written on the bubbles. In front of the toys is an APH branded slate and stylus sitting on top of a rectangular piece of green paper.

Writing braille with a slate and stylus doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can be a lot of...


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