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Accessible Textbooks Services

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The Accessible Textbooks Staff of the American Printing House for the Blind responds to the textbook needs of students who are blind and visually impaired by delivering custom-produced accessible textbooks in a variety of media in a timely manner.

APH is convinced that this effort is not only essential if we are to meet the needs of visually impaired students, but that it is within the role and responsibility of our mission.

This department processes all new textbook orders, braille and large print, including ordering all print textbooks for customer’s orders.

Braille Textbooks

APH Braille Textbooks are available on demand by completing an APH textbook order form. Primary emphasis is placed on math and science texts, however all subject matters are considered.

APH braille textbooks are also available for download on the APH File Repository. Accompanying graphics are available for purchase.

Large Print and Digital Textbooks

The department processes the large print textbook orders for both the APH Traditional Enlargement Process and the APH Large Print Process.

The Traditional APH Enlargement process is printed on 11 1/2" x 14" paper in full color. The book is exactly like the original print textbook with text enlarged to a 14 point font, larger in some cases depending on the font size in the original text.

These books are located in the Louis Database with the catalog number prefix L-

The APH Large Print process results in a large print textbook in standard textbook size with a variety of fonts, font sizes (18 point minimum), and in full color.

This process takes into consideration research collected and conducted by APH, including the APH Large Print Guidelines for Optimal Readability, and was field tested by the University of Louisville.

Large print textbooks can be found in the Louis Database at

The catalog numbers for braille textbooks begin with “A-B” graphic-only packets end with “-GR”; and textbooks available in large print begin with “A-L, L- or L-C.”

Braille and large print textbooks are also available in the APH File Repository. These digital files can be downloaded for a fee and used immediately. Braille ready files (.brf) can be downloaded and embossed locally allowing schools to only emboss what they need when they need it.

Large print textbooks can also be downloaded to be used on digital reading devices such as iPad®, Kindle®, Book Port Plus, Braille Plus 18, and other devices. Many of the large print e-files contain image descriptions.

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