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APH Hive Celebrates One Year

home screen of the APH hive open on someone's laptop sitting on a desk

The APH Hive is far more than just a buzz of activity. It’s a place to grow professionally for FREE! We’re celebrating the anniversary of our launch and sharing some exciting new features.


The Growth of Our Apiary

In the past year not only has our honeycomb expanded but our production of honey in terms of professional development offerings multiplied by over 200%.

  • From 4 initial categories of content (Assessment, Early Childhood, Core Curriculum, Expanded Core Curriculum) to now 5 (Foundations). Have you explored all that Foundations has to offer?
  • From 7 initial courses of content to now an array of 24 unique courses. Did you know that courses are available which demonstrate how to make different types of core curriculum instruction accessible to students with visual impairments?
  • In our first month, 196 worker bees like yourself were attracted to the Hive. Almost a year later over 1,300 professionals have landed and gathered some sweet knowledge nectar. Have you registered as an APH Hive participant?


Why Join the Colony?

Aside from tapping into quality instruction, participants also have access to resources only located inside the Hive. You won’t want to miss out on exclusive handouts offered in courses such as From Evaluation to Instruction Using the Barraga Visual Efficiency Program or Career Readiness for High School Students.

Just as worker bees leave the hive in order to pollinate, APH Hive participants have opportunities to transfer learned content directly to personal caseloads through an application activity. But don’t just take our word for it. One busy bee shared the following: “The actual assignment made me apply what I’d learned. This makes the knowledge stick in a way that doesn’t when you just watch a webinar.”

Have you given yourself the gift of FREE professional development?


Flight Path

In an effort to ensure that only quality content lands inside the Hive, we’re excited to share that all existing and future courses will undergo a peer review. Only the best instruction and resources belong in our hive!

Bee sure and check back regularly, because the APH Hive has plans to socially expand, giving a safe place for all professionals to land, collaborate, and discover mentorship.

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