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Cross the River into Fun with Reach & Match

illustration of a teacher instructing three students playing Rover Crossing with Reach and Match

Are you a teacher looking for activities your students with and without visual impairments can do together? If you want something your students will enjoy doing but that also meets the National PE Standards, check out the Reach & Match Kit. The manual provides a variety of activities and games you can use with your students. And if you don’t find a game you like, you can always create your own!

The kit was designed to be inclusive, so children with visual impairments can play with children without visual impairments and they can all enjoy the games. Many of the games can be played with up to 10 children and they can even be played solo if needed. All the games are designed to develop various skills. For example, the game River Crossing helps children with the following skills:

  • Memory Training
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Auditory Skills
  • Spatial Concepts

This game is for 1-8 children. In this game, the Reach & Match is set up like a pathway to represent the river. One side of the pathway is the riverbank and the other side is the riverbed. The teacher will then call out directions. For example, if the riverbank is on the left and the teacher calls out “riverbank” then the children need to jump to the left. If they jump to the right, then they are out. This game is a fun way for children to practice listening and remembering directions. It also provides practice to improve locomotor skills within the National Physical Education Standards. Children will enjoy jumping around the mat and not even realize they are learning. It will just feel like play.

Get a Reach & Match for your classroom and get playing!

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