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ATIA 2024 Wrap Up

A room full of people sitting in rows at long rectangular tables smile as they hold up their black Monarch boxes, which prominently feature a large outline of an orange butterfly outline and the Monarch logo.

Last week APH attended the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference in Orlando, Florida. This conference allows assistive technology practitioners, teachers, parents, caregivers, and people with disabilities to connect and share ideas, technologies, and new opportunities that support the assistive technology community. We were excited to present and exhibit at this important conference.

Monarch Teacher Training

41 teachers from across the U.S. gathered for two days prior to the ATIA conference to receive significant training on the Monarch. During the training, teachers were instructed in all aspects of using the Monarch with their students. At the end of the two days, participants were declared Monarch Master’s Program graduates and were given Monarchs to take with them back to the classroom.

Jeff Schwartz, APH’s Director of Regional Training and Outreach, said, “We had multiple participants approach after both days saying they were not fatigued by the day, but felt ‘energized and excited.’ Participants were very excited about the Tactile Viewer and being able to instantly access the Tactile Graphics Image Library (TGIL). They were most excited about the calculator functionality, including the ability to graph equations.” The teachers provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. One comment was, “It’s so exciting to think that my blind first grader will never know life without the Monarch. His learning journey will be very different.”

We can’t wait to watch the teachers soar to new heights with the Monarch now that the device is in classrooms. Learn more about the Monarch teacher training.

ATIA Sessions

APH and the Center for Assistive Technology Training (CATT) staff worked together to present on various topics throughout the ATIA conference, such as:

  • NIMAS and eBraille: Moving Braille Forward for K-12 Students
  • Assistive Technology for Complex Learners
  • The Future of Braille is Dynamic
  • Expand your World View: Overview of Low Vision Devices
  • Empowering Abilities Through STEM: Inclusive Education for Students with Multiple Disabilities
  • Introducing An Early Literacy Braille Device
  • In the Self-Advocacy and Assistive Technology
  • Meet the CATT Team and Overview

The presenters said, “Energetic audience participation fueled our ATIA sessions, where we explored the intersection of labor statistics, disability employment, and STEM benefits. APH’s Technical Innovations Project Manager, Jason Martin, set the stage by addressing the ‘why’ behind adapting STEM education for students with exceptionalities, while Heather Kennedy-MacKenzie, Director of Global Technology Innovations, and Product Manager, Katrina Best, shared APH’s Road to Code practices for teaching programming languages.”

APH was in the exhibit hall from January 25th-27th, talking to attendees about products and services. Jim Sullivan, APH’s Director of Social Enterprise, said, “ATIA 2024 was a very productive event for APH and CATT. Traffic in the booth throughout all three days was heavy to brisk. Monarch, SPORTS COURTS, and the STEM selection of products were well received. We also received positive feedback about APH Press titles being available with Federal Quota funds. In the sponsored session room, we found many people from school districts nationwide attending sessions. We have returned from the event, and it seems like the work has just begun.”

Read the ATIA products and services brochure on our website to learn more about APH’s many offerings.

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