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The APH Museum is open for tours. We are following the CDC’s recommendation and require face masks to be worn at all times for guests aged 3+.


APH Press

Babies with CVI Now Available from APH Press

CVI is a neurological visual disorder caused by damage to the areas of the brain that process vision. According to...

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APH Welcomes Tai Tomasi as New Director of Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion

We’re pleased to announce that Tai Tomasi has been hired as the Director of Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion. Tai has...

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APH Welcomes Heather Spence as APH Press Director

APH is pleased to announce the hiring of Heather Spence as the APH Press Director. APH Press publishes educational content,...

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Partners in O&M: Creating Connections in Everyday Life

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) instruction is more than something you learn in a classroom. It affects every aspect of a...

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Foundations of Vision Rehabilitation Therapy: Providing A New Perspective on the Field

Vision rehabilitation therapists change the lives of people who are blind, visually impaired, or have multiple disabilities every day. We’re...

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Designing APH Press Books: User Experience with Everyone in Mind

As the collection of APH Press books grow, we’re always looking for ways to design our books with our end-users...

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CVI Awareness Products and Resources

September is CVI Awareness Month! To help celebrate, we want to share some of our favorite CVI specific products! What’s...

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APH Press: Educational Books for the Field of Blindness

From books on CVI and orientation and mobility to aging and access technology, APH Press publishes top educational materials in...

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Partners in O&M: Meet the Editors

Partners in O&M is designed to help people who work with individuals who are visually impaired, teach the skills needed to...

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