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The Braille You Need – FAST!

It takes time to transcribe and emboss a book – but we know there are times you need braille right away! To help meet this demand, APH is introducing...

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Getting the Most out of BrailleBlaster: Quick and Easy Tutorials

BrailleBlaster™! BrailleBlaster? Is it a video game? Is it a superhero? No, even better, it’s a free, braille transcription program from APH! Ok, I can hear you saying “Whoa...

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Meet the APH Press Advisory Board

Larry Marotta, Executive Editor, APH Press I was skeptical. It was October 4, 2018, and I was an APH veteran for all of 10 days. I was going to...

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Introduction to the APH Press

An Interview with the Editor As we look ahead to 2019, we are excited for our first full year of the APH Press. Carrying on the legacy of AFB...

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Partners in O&M: Meet the Editors

Partners in O&M is designed to help people who work with individuals who are visually impaired, teach the skills needed to travel safely and live independently in their home, school,...

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