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In a meeting room, people sit at long tables arranged in rows and covered in white tablecloths. Several of the people are examining the Monarch multiline braille displays in front of them.

From Dream to Reality: An Interview with Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson, Education Programs Coordinator at the National Federation for the Blind (NFB), says her first impression of the Monarch...

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A woman in a striped sweater helps a young boy use the Monarch on a table in a school library.

Leveling the Playing Field: Perspective of a DeafBlind User

Danielle Burton, APH’s Communications Accessibility Editor, has long hoped for a piece of access technology that levels the playing field...

Two adult hands guide a child's hands across a tactile graphic of a fish displayed on the Monarch's refreshable braille display.

Enhancing Early Educational Experiences with the Monarch

Imagine opening the classroom door on your very first day of school, the excitement of meeting new friends and learning...

A child holds a grey mold of a hand in their hands over a table while a person on the other side of the table holds out a black and white line drawing of a museum exhibit with braille labels. On the table, another mold of a hand and a thin spiral bound book open to pages showing a key in braille and a floor layout diagram are visible. A second person can be seen behind the table.

Defining The Dot Experience: Everything You Need to Know

What is The Dot Experience? The Dot Experience is APH’s re-imagined museum set to open in 2026. Designed with an...

A close up view of Tactile Town with a labeled library, a school, and a gym visible on the outside of a roundabout that an orange car is exiting.

Make Maps Come to Life with Tactile Town

A fundamental skill for every traveler is the ability to make a mental map. Students who are blind and have...

A Kleidograph with metal keys, a reddish wood back, and a metal plate indicating that the braille writer belongs to the

Blindness History Basics: History of Braille Writers

When fifteen-year-old Louis Braille presented his tactile system of raised dots in 1824, he hoped the new system would provide a...

Two APH staff members teach a group of three small children about shapes and colors with the APH Reach and Match Kit. The mat is red, blue, yellow, and green. The children are on top of the mat exploring the various shapes.

Connect the Dots Events Continue to Plant Seeds of Learning

Spring is here and our Connect the Dots, powered by PNC, events have continued to blossom and grow! March’s “How...