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Head-and-shoulders photo of a man wearing a white shirt with a lanyard around his neck. Beside him, fixed to the wall, is a bronze plaque. It reads: Helen Keller, 1880-1968, and her lifelong companion Anne Sullivan Macy, 1866-1936, are interred in the columbarium behind this chapel.

Helen Keller’s Final Resting Place

This year’s meeting of the Society of American Archivists was in Washington DC, which allowed me the chance to make...

Several books, including Foundations of Rehabilitation Therapy and Foundations of Rehabilitation Teaching, on a bookshelf with a white mug with a cartoon ladybug on it. The mug is full of dry erase markers.

Foundations Bookshelf

Understanding the principles of the field of low vision and blindness is key to future success. APH Press’s Foundations series...

White porcelain incense burner, about 15 inches tall. Three bowls, perforated with a honeycomb design, sit on top of each other. Each bowl has two handles; each handle has a multi-petal flower design at the top.

A Museum Intern’s Perspective

When I entered this internship, I knew I would be working on a complete de-installation of the museum and the...

A view of renovation work on the side of the APH building.

Everything Old is New Again

I am reminded here at APH that everything old is constantly being made again new. (OK, if you’re wondering, yes,...

A woman with brown hair, glasses, and an orange shirt smiles in front of some tall, thin purple flowers, some greenery, and a blue sky.

Meet APH Scholar Suzie Mahon

APH is excited to recognize Suzie Mahon, nominated by EOT, Leslie Bechtel Van Orman, as one of our 2023-2024 APH...

Three students sit at a table and work on math problems in a classroom.

ADA Anniversary 2023: Celebrating an Accessible World

Thirty-three years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. The ADA protects against discrimination against people...