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The APH Museum is open for tours. We are following the CDC’s recommendation and require face masks to be worn at all times for guests aged 3+.


APH News

Everyday Braille with BrailleBlaster, Mantis Q40, and Chameleon 20

In the 21st century, braille literacy is more important than ever. While screen readers have opened up a technological revolution...

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Meet APH Scholar Barbara Peterson

APH is proud to recognize Barbara Peterson, nominated by Montana Ex Officio Trustee (EOT), Carol Clayton-Bye, as one of our...

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APH Welcomes Paul Schroeder as New Vice President, Government and Community Affairs

APH is pleased to announce that Paul Schroeder has been hired as the Vice President, Government and Community Affairs. He...

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Meet APH Scholar, Nabiha Mujahid

APH congratulates Nabiha Mujahid, nominated by EOT, Robin King, for being selected as a 2020-2021 APH Scholar. A biochemistry major...

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APH Behind the Scenes: Getting to the “Point” of the APH Hive

The APH Hive is an eLearning platform for educators and families that contains free courses relevant to serving students of...

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Cynthia’s Fan Routine: A Sensory Learning Kit Video

The APH YouTube site provides examples of sensorimotor routines. To help teams better understand what is happening in these videos,...

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Data Collection During the Pandemic

Authors: Allison Clark, PT and Angela Campbell, APE When we had to make the shift to virtual instruction, data collection...

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2020 in Review: A Year of Tech (+ Juno Coming Soon!)

As the year starts to wrap up we’re looking back at all the exciting new products we launched in 2020....

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Meet APH Scholar Colin Montoya

APH is excited to recognize Colin Montoya, nominated by EOT, Jared Leslie, as one of our 2020-2021 APH Scholars. Colin...

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A Teacher’s Perspective on the Sensory Learning Kit

As a teacher during a pandemic, I have grown accustomed to things changing daily, being way out of my control,...

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A TVI’s Simple Solutions for Elementary Students

Sometimes, it is those simple, low-tech materials that make all the difference. We spoke with Elizabeth Umphress, a Teacher of...

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Sharing Digital Braille Between Countries—It’s as Easy as ABC!

APH is happy to announce its participation in the Accessible Book Consortium (ABC), an international network for sharing accessible digital...

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Reimagining InSights

Photo Caption: The award-winning artwork titled, “The Best Drawing I Ever Made,” by Drey Chitwood, a student at the Washington...

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Sensorimotor Spotlight: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Early in my career, I was privileged to work in a place where I was trained in Van Dijk methodology....

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A TVI’s Perspective: Tools for Young Learners

Why did a nurse hang up her scrubs to become a TVI? We spoke with Andrea Amestoy about her journey...

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