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Even Easier Braille: Introducing BrailleBlaster V2!

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What is BrailleBlaster Version 2?

BrailleBlaster V2 is a near-complete rewrite of how the software functions. It is a step that we had to take to include new features that could not be included otherwise- like true six-key entry and indicators for braille page number editing. It will also help us control regression and ensure stability. If you aren’t already familiar with our free BrailleBlaster software, read our blog.

It’s important to note that because of changes to Java support that BrailleBlaster V2 does not support 32-bit computers.

Now lets go over what’s new and what to expect in this current release of BrailleBlaster V2.


What about BrailleBlaster Version 1?

For now, BrailleBlaster V1 will be made available as a legacy download. This version of BrailleBlaster will receive no further support and will be available as is for those that require it. We appreciate everyone that uses BrailleBlaster to create braille, but our resources can only support one version of this software.

Additionally, BBZ files made in BrailleBlaster V1 can be opened in BrailleBlaster V2 but not the other way around. Support for this feature is limited, so we encourage users to finish any work they have in BrailleBlaster V1 before moving to V2.

Lastly, it is possible to have both versions of BrailleBlaster installed, so you are free to keep and use both BrailleBlaster V1 and V2 as you prefer.


New Features

New features of BrailleBlaster V2 include:

  • True 6-key entry
  • Improved page number editing for both print and braille page numbers
  • A simplified interface
  • The braille view now updates as you type in the print view


To download BrailleBlaster V2, please go to There you will also find a complete list of changes. Please share any feedback or questions about this release with us by sending an email to

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