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CVI Book Builder Kit

Parents and teachers can build individualized books specific to the needs of their Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) reader with this book-making kit


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Catalog Number: 1-08825-00

Product Description

Children diagnosed with CVI often have difficulty understanding objects, pictures, and letters presented against a complex background. CVI Book Builder provides materials for parents and teachers to build books specifically for their reader. The kit provides a variety of black pages and black binders to use as low complexity backgrounds against which to present familiar items, photos, and letters/words.

To read more about the unique visual behaviors associated with CVI, please visit

Note: Binders and pages in Tactile Book Builder and CVI Book Builder can be used interchangeably. Most kit components are available as replacement parts.

    • CVI Book Builder:
    • Builds a connection between an actual object and a photo of that object, teaching that photos (symbols) have meaning.
    • takes advantage of natural learning opportunities (i.e. at tooth brushing times, present the child's toothbrush and describe it while letting them explore, and then proceed with brushing his teeth. Attach the toothbrush to a black needlepoint canvas page; present it next to the photo on a polyblend page).
    • Once the child demonstrates understanding of the photos in the book, you can begin to expand learning by exploring size, direction, colors, and other developmental concepts.
    • When understanding that symbols/pictures have meaning, they may be ready to explore letters/words.
    • Additional book ideas are listed in the guidebook.
    • CVI Book Builder Collection Includes:
      • 1-08873-00 Braillable Labels and Sheets Pack
      • 61-421-001 Pack of 4 Black Needlepoint Canvas Pages
      • 61-421-002 Pack of 8 Black Veltex(C) Pages
      • 61-421-009 CVI Tactile Book Builder Guidebook, in Print
      • 61-421-014 Large TBB Binder, Black
      • 61-424-005 Pack of 4 Magnetic Pages (2)
      • 61-424-010 Pack of 8 Black Polyblend Pages (2)
      • 61-424-013 Pack of 3 Small Binders
      • 61-424-014 Pack of 20 Page Protectors
      • Pack of Long Plastic Zip-Ties
      • Pack of Hook-and-Loop Coins
      • Pack of Magnetic Strips
  • Weight: 10.3 lbs

    Dimensions: 27.9 × 16.2 × 4.55 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

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