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Envision Kit with Optical Aids

This modernized combination of the Envision I and II Kits provides lessons for users to learn how to use optical devices for a variety of tasks in different environments, such as reading object cards, maps, word puzzles, Sudoku, medicine labels, nutritional facts, price tags, coupons and more.

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Catalog Number: 1-08562-00

Product Description

The previous Envision I & II kits have been combined and modernized into one optical magnification kit that include magnifiers and telescopes with updated optics. The updated guidebook has additional lessons and activity cards that can be used for a variety of daily living and orientation and mobility tasks across an individual’s lifespan from school, to home, to work.

Improved activities of teaching handheld magnifiers include reading bank statements, receipts, menus, clothing tags, price tags, coupons, and other reading tasks that one may encounter. The improved monocular telescope activities include reading airport signage, street signs, bus signs, menu boards, and other visual targets in a typical daily environment.

Watch our APH product expert give a tour of the new Envision Kit in this video!

    • Teaching the use of optical magnification devices
    • Can be paired with the APH FVLMA Kit to determine functional vision with the use of a magnification device for near and distance reading tasks
    • Case with optical arrays
    • Two activity binders
    • Near reading activity cards
    • Distance reading activity cards
    • Guidebook
  • Manuals


  • Weight: 18.584 lbs

    Dimensions: 19 × 12.25 × 13 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

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