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Foundations of Orientation and Mobility

3rd Edition: Volume 1, History and Theory

Foundations of Orientation and Mobility, the classic professional reference and textbook has been completely revised and expanded to two volumes by the most knowledgeable experts in the field.


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Catalog Number: F-B0011-EPUB


Catalog Number: F-B0011-00

Catalog Number: F-B0011

Publishers: APH Press

Authors: Bruce B. Blasch, Richard L. Welsh, William R. Wiener

ISBN: 978-0-89128-448-2

Format: EPUB

Product Description

Foundations of Orientation and Mobility, Volume 1, History and Theory, includes the bases of O&M knowledge, including perception, orientation, low vision, audition, kinesiology, psychosocial issues, and learning theories, as well as chapters on technology, dog guides, orientation aids, and environmental accessibility. A section on the profession of O&M includes its international history; administration, assessment and program planning; and a chapter on research in O&M. No O&M student or professional can afford to be without this essential resource.

The new third edition includes both the latest research in O&M and expanded information on practice and teaching strategies.

To view the Table of Contents, please see the “Includes” section.

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    Publishers: APH Press

    Authors/Editors: Bruce B. Blasch, Richard L. Welsh, William R. Wiener

    Media: Book

    Format: EPUB

    Language: English

    • Perceiving to Move and Moving to Perceive: Control of Locomotion by Students with Vision Loss
    • Establishing and Maintaining Orientation for Mobility
    • Low Vision for Orientation and Mobility
    • Audition for Students with Vision Loss
    • Kinesiology and Sensorimotor Functioning for Students with Vision Loss
    • Psychosocial Dimensions of Orientation and Mobility
    • Learning Theories and Teaching Methodologies for Orientation and Mobility
    • Adaptive Technology for Orientation and Mobility
    • Dog Guides for Orientation and Mobility
    • Orientation Aids for Students with Vision Loss
    • Environmental Accessibility for Students with Vision Loss
    • Administration, Assessment, and Program Planning for Orientation and Mobility Services
    • The Originators of Orientation and Mobility Training
    • The History and Progression of the Profession of Orientation and Mobility
    • The Development of the Profession of Orientation and Mobility Around the World
    • Research and the Orientation and Mobility Specialist
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