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Math Robot App for iPad, Quota Purchase

Fun, accessible math practice app for iPad, available with Quota funds!

FQ Eligible

Catalog Number: D-30000-APL


Available with Quota funds! Works with your Apple® iPad® or iPad mini® running iOS 7® or later!

While there are hundreds of math drill and practice apps on the App Store®, most of them are not accessible to students who are blind. APH’s Math Robot™ was designed for students who are blind and visually impaired, as well as sighted students, making it ideal for use by an entire class.

Fun Math Robot Character

A flashcard format and a smart “know-it-all” math robot character provide fun drills and practices for simple math problems. The app is both self-voicing and accessible with Apple’s VoiceOver.

Math Robot automatically announces the problem, or if VoiceOver is running, it uses the screen reader to announce and control the app functions. For sighted students, Math Robot intelligently enunciates and repeats the problem.

Teachers and parents can: set the range of numbers to use for drills; select the operations to use; set the number of tries, and set a time limit allowed to answer each problem. A low vision mode adds extra contrast.

Use with a Refreshable Braille Display When using a refreshable braille display, like APH’s Refreshabraille 18™ Bluetooth device, the built-in VoiceOver screen reader shows the problem in braille and allows the user to enter his or her answers using the display’s braille keyboard. Set VoiceOver to display the problems in literary U.S. English Braille, Unified English Braille, or Nemeth Braille.

Recommended ages: 6 years and up.

Math Robot, Quota Order: D-30000-APL — $4.99

Math Robot, Individual Order: Math Robot is also available for non-Quota purchase, simply go to the App Store on your iPad and search for Math Robot — $4.99

Note: Math Robot IS available with Quota funds!

Math Robot cannot be directly ordered via, but can be ordered on Quota using the instructions listed below.

How to Purchase Math Robot on Quota: Math Robot cannot be directly ordered from, please follow these instructions for Quota ordering:

  • Ordering: Ex Officio Trustees can submit a signed Quota order to APH by fax or mail. The order can be for one or more Math Robot licenses. Please provide APH with a contact person’s email address or telephone number on your Federal Quota order. Note: At this time, Math Robot cannot be ordered via using Quota funds.
  • Receiving: APH will then email you an Apple Content Code for each license that you order. You will also receive a hard copy confirmation of each code printed on the invoice that APH mails to you.
  • Distribution: EOTs are responsible for distributing Apple Content Codes to those teachers or others in their states who have ordered Math Robot on Quota.
  • How to Install: The end user will install Math Robot by: going to the App Store on his or her iPad and using the Apple Content Code to download Math Robot: open App Store > select the “Featured” tab > scroll to the bottom of the Featured screen > select “Redeem” > enter the password for the iPad > follow instructions on Redeem screen.
  • Purchase from Apple Using Non-Quota Funds: You will still have the option to purchase the app from the App Store using non-Quota funds.

Math Robot, Quota Purchase: D-30000-APL — $4.99

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