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Orientation and Mobility Techniques: A Guide for the Practitioner, 2nd Edition (EPUB)

A new, easy-to-read color format, accompanying photographs, updated information on street crossings at complex intersections, and a new chapter on O&M for people with low vision make this revised edition a must-have in your O&M library.


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Catalog Number: F-B0043-EPUB

Publishers: APH Press

Authors: Diane L. Fazzi, Janet M. Barlow

ISBN: 978-0-89128-684-4

Product Description

The very first techniques book in orientation and mobility has been completely revised and updated for today’s fast-changing world, while remaining true to Hill and Ponder’s simple organizational principles that generations have known and loved.

To view the Table of Contents, please see the “Includes” section.


  • Foreword



    Chapter 1: Basic Teaching Principles

    Chapter 2: Orientation for Mobility

    Chapter 3: Guide Techniques

    Chapter 4: Hand Trailing and Protective Techniques

    Chapter 5: Cane Techniques

    Chapter 6: Block Travel

    Chapter 7: Street Crossings

    Chapter 8: Transportation Systems

    Chapter 9: Special Situations

    Chapter 10: Travel Techniques for Learners Who Have Low Vision

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    Publishers: APH Press

    Authors/Editors: Diane L. Fazzi, Janet M. Barlow

    Publication Date: 2017

    • Table of Contents:
    • Basic Teaching Principles
    • Orientation for Mobility
    • Guide Techniques
    • Hand Trailing and Protective Techniques
    • Cane Techniques
    • Block Travel
    • Street Crossings
    • Transportation Systems
    • Special Situations
    • Travel Techniques for Learners Who Have Low Vision
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