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Paint by Number Safari – Backyard Creatures

This dual media coloring book will take you on an adventure to discover the beautiful colors and creatures found in your own back yard!


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Catalog Number: 1-03938-00


Great for beginning and intermediate artists, Backyard Creatures is the third addition to APH’s Paint-by-Number Safari ™ Series. Students will enjoy perfecting their art skills as they learn about the colors and creatures found right outside their door. Custom-made drawings of life-like wildlife are printed and embossed on heavy paper, making this coloring series fun for all!
Wide, solid, embossed lines identify the creature, while thin embossed lines denote color separation on the creatures’ body. Dashed lines identify background images, and solid, raised areas identify parts of the images that are too small to fill with color. Each image includes fun facts about that creature’s life, including size, diet, predators, and environment, along with specific color code for that creature.
    • Perfect for use with watercolor paints, colored pencils, and crayons.
    • 10 raised-line art images with braille
    • Fun facts about every subject, print and braille
    • Color code
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