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Spinner Overlays for the Light Box

Improve a learner’s visual discrimination and recognition capabilities with these customizable overlays.


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Catalog Number: 1-08692-00

Product Description

Designed to support the individual needs of learners with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) or low vision, Spinner Overlays can be adapted and layered for many purposes. They use light, movement and increasing levels of complexity and may be customized by creating patterns with the included pre-cut stickers, or with commercially available stickers.

Learners diagnosed with CVI are challenged in understanding objects and concepts through use of their vision, and generally need a simpler design than learners who demonstrate few atypical visual behaviors. The Spinner Overlays for the Light Box are unique in that the parent or teacher may design individualized overlays for each learner.

As the learner increases his understanding of two dimensional materials, use the Supplemental Cards to encourage visual discrimination between same and different, to visually recognize a named object, or to encourage a visually guided reach to a target presented on a complex background. Two spinners displayed next to each other on one Light Box is a way to create activities of comparison for color, shape, or size.


Note: This product is to be used with LED Light Box (1-08655-00) and the LED Mini-Lite Box (1-08654-01).

The following discontinued Light Boxes also support this product:

  • Light Box (1-08669-00)
  • Mini-Lite Box (1-08661-00)
  • LED Mini Lite Box (1-08654-00)
    • Accessible HTML and BRF versions of guidebook are available at: these APH products with the overlay and sticker collection:
    • Light Box
    • Mini-Lite Box
    • Plexiglas® Spinners
    • Light Box Materials, Level 1
    • Spinner Overlay Collection Includes:
    • Transparent overlays in six colors
    • Patterned overlays in many colors
    • Sparkle and holographic overlays in four colors
    • Two sizes of four sticker shapes in four colors
    • Narrow and wide stickers strips in four colors
    • Supplemental cards that are blank or printed with target images that complement the patterned overlays
    • Large Print Guidebook
  • Manuals

  • Weight: 2.425 lbs

    Dimensions: 15.4 × 11.85 × 2.7 in

    Product Type: Assistive

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

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