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SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine: Issue 4

SQUID activities magazines introduce a recreational approach to tactile literacy — they’re fun!

This product is discontinued.

Federal Quota Eligible

Catalog Number: 1-08862-04

Braille: EBAE

Product Description

These activities magazines introduce a recreational approach to tactile literacy.

SQUID Magazine is deceptively fun: while your child or student enjoys a variety of activities, he or she will acquire skills needed to become a more proficient tactile reader. These puzzles, games, and brainteasers will foster:

  • Texture discrimination
  • Systematic searching
  • Shape identification
  • Tracking line paths
  • Pattern building and recognition
  • Understanding symbols

Each Issue Includes:

  • Large Print/Braille Activity Booklet
  • Puzzle Solutions
  • Tactile Activity Packet with an assortment of 3-hole punched tactile activities (to include into your own binder)

Note: Many of the tactile puzzles are reusable and are intended to grow with the child as he or she acquires new skills and tactile understanding.

SQUID, Issue 4

Some activities include:

  • Beyond Castle Walls
  • Don’t Mis-State Me
  • Put on a Happy Face (with stickers)
  • Money Tree
  • Paige Turner’s Bookshelf