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Sunu Band

Using radar and haptic feedback, Sunu Band is an intelligent travel aid which enables people who are blind or who have low vision to confidently and independently explore the world. Read more about the Sunu band and listen to an interview with the developers on our Explore Your World with Sunu blog post.

This product is discontinued.

Catalog Number: 1-03140-00

Product Description

The Sunu Band is a modern and sleek, smart mobility wristband that uses ultrasonic technology to detect and alert you to navigational obstacles up to 14 ft. away.

Sunu Band and other APH Innovations products are not available for purchase with quota funds.


  • Used as a supplement to the white cane, you’ll enjoy improved spatial awareness and the personal freedom of knowing where you are and what’s around you.
  • Powerful navigation sensors and haptic feedback inform how near, or far, navigational obstacles are to the user, thus reducing accidents to the body, chest, arms, and head.
  • Easy interface with touch panel and gesture recognition control.
  • Includes free download of the Sunu App:

– available for iPhone™ or Android™ devices
– fully customizable, including Band sensitivity and distance reading capabilities
– access to new apps and firmware updates over the cloud

  • Conveniently tell time, set discreet vibratory alarms, and track physical activity and other fitness metrics.
  • Explore unfamiliar places with Sunu Band’s haptic compass, place finder/ explorer and GPS navigation.
  • Sunu Band’s sleek design features an adjustable, black sports wristband with teal accents.


  • Sunu Band (battery included, not removable)
  • USB to micro USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Note: The Sunu Band is not a regulated safety device, and should not be used as a replacement of existing visual aid systems.

  • Weight: 1 lbs

    Dimensions: 9.0 × 5.0 × 5.0 in

    Language: English

    Product Type: Assistive

    Date Discontinued:

    Federal Quota Funds: Not Available

  • Contact Customer Service to discuss your warranty options.