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Termite Torpedo: Digital Download

Only you can save the city of Woodville! An arcade-style educational game designed especially for low vision users — can also be played by totally blind students.

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Catalog Number: D-03470-ED

Product Description

Termite Torpedo™ is an arcade-style educational game designed especially for low vision users. Termites are eating their way through Woodville! Only you can save the city by clearing the playing field of 12 levels of termites!

Termite Torpedo gives low-vision students practice in the visual skills of locating, fixating, tracking, aligning, and following.


  • Bright, high-contrast colors for game elements
  • Full audio accompaniment, including directional information, allows use by players who are totally blind

Download the demonstration version or follow the instructions below for the full version.

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    • Termite Torpedo (ZIP)
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      Catalog Number: D-03470-ED

      Termite Torpedo Software for Windows free limited version.

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