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Trifold Board

This tri-fold board can be used for a variety of educational and recreational activities.


Federal Quota Eligible

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Catalog Number: 1-08859-00

Product Description

This trifold board is covered with  hook-loop material and can be used for a variety of educational and recreational activities.This board measures 37 x 24 inches and can be used in combination with many existing hook-loop pieces (e.g., Picture Maker Accessories), as well as with commercially available OR teacher/parent-made manipulatives. The Trifold Board can be used at its full size, folded down to one or two panels, or propped up in an easel position (if supported from behind). Two 3/4-inch nickel plated D-rings are riveted in the top center of the two outside panels for easy hanging. The reverse side of the board is covered with a protective red vinyl.

The Trifold Board offers an intermediate size between APH’s Picture Maker 13 x 20 3/4 inch Felt Board and the larger 48 x 30 inch Invisiboard.

Note: Pieces shown on Trifold Board in the photo image are NOT included with the board.

  • Weight: 4.705 lbs

    Dimensions: 24.55 × 15.05 × 1.55 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Product Type: Toys Games and Puzzles

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