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Science Teachers and TVIs: Enhance Your Molecular Biology Lessons with Models from 3D Molecular Designs!

Meet the challenge of teaching your students molecular biology concepts with three dimensional models from this innovative US company. 3D Molecular Designs offers tangible and tactile model kits demonstrating molecular concepts such as DNA structure, chromosome interactions, properties of water, amino acid and protein structure, and more. These affordable kits are great for middle and high school grades and include the models, teacher guides, student handouts, suggested videos, and animations.

Dynamic DNA model that is partially unzipped at the bottom of the double-stranded molecule.

In addition, the 3DMD Lending Library allows teachers to borrow models for a short-term loan. Made of sturdy plastic or foam sheets, many of the models are dynamic. For example, the Dynamic DNA Kit utilizes embedded magnets that show the double strand structure in the untwisted and twisted (helical) state, hydrogen bonding between bases, and unzipping of the DNA strand for transcription to messenger RNA. Read the testimonials on the 3D Molecular Designs website and order (or borrow) your educational materials today!

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