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Babies with CVI book sits atop a desk, next to a laptop, APH mug, and pad of paper and pen

Babies with CVI: Nurturing Visual Abilities and Development in Early Childhood

APH Press is proud to offer this guide through the history and best practices related to the treatment of CVI in children from birth to 36 months. Important Information, Please...

the cover of Guidelines and Games for Teaching Efficient Braille Reading, Second Edition by Renae Bjorg, PhD and Myrna R. Olson, EdD on a white background.

Guidelines and Games for Teaching Efficient Braille Reading

This second edition of Guidelines and Games for Teaching Efficient Braille Reading offers unique ideas for adapting a general reading program to the needs of braille readers.

Foundations for Your Career

Foundations of Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

Foundations of Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, the second edition of Foundations of Vision Rehabilitation Teaching with Persons Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired, contains updated information and techniques vision rehabilitation...

Foundations of Education Third Edition Volume 1 book cover

Foundations of Education: Volume I: History and Theory of Teaching Children and Youths with Visual Impairments

The highly anticipated third edition of the essential textbook in the field of blindness and visual impairment is completely revised and updated for the 21st century. Important Information, Please Read! This...

Orientation and Mobility

Partners in O&M: Supporting Orientation and Mobility for Students Who Are Visually Impaired

This timely new resource reflects innovative thinking in teaching O&M to children, provides a solid O&M foundation for future O&M specialists, and addresses concepts and strategies other professionals need...

Orientation and Mobility Techniques: A Guide for the Practitioner, 2nd Edition

A new, easy-to-read color format, accompanying photographs, updated information on street crossings at complex intersections, and a new chapter on O&M for people with low vision make this revised...

Customer Favorites

I-M-Able Book Front Cover

I-M-ABLE: Individualized Meaning-Centered Approach to Braille Literacy Education

I-M-ABLE, or the Individualized Meaning-Centered Approach to Braille Literacy , is an innovative, individualized, student-centered method for teaching braille and making it exciting for children who have difficulties learning...

Vision and the Brain book cover

Vision and the Brain: Understanding Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children

Vision and the Brain is a unique and comprehensive sourcebook of current knowledge about CVI and best practices for working with children with CVI. Important Information, Please Read! This item is...