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mantis and chameleon devices are partially shown, sitting side-by-side and diagonal on a purple background. the word "update" is in a white bubble on the left side Mantis and Chameleon Software Updates

1.2 Update for Mantis Q40 and Chameleon 20

This is a reminder to always keep your Mantis Q40 and Chameleon 20 braille displays up-to-date! Keeping them updated with the latest software ensures you get the best performance possible with the latest features and fixes. Our latest 1.2 update has hands-down the best features we’ve introduced in an update yet! Some changes will only take effect on the Mantis or the Chameleon individually, and some changes are shared.

For full instructions on updating, check the Release Notes and scroll to the bottom section, “Installing a Firmware Update”.


New for Both Displays:

Some major features that are coming to both displays include a global clipboard, bookmarks in the Editor, and a blinking cursor.

  • The global clipboard allows you to copy from the Library and then paste into the Editor- a great way to quote passages while taking notes or writing a paper.
  • Bookmarks in the Editor continue our mission to make the Editor as useful and easy to use as possible. Bookmarks are added the same way as in the Library, to keep things simple, and then you can quickly jump to them. Good way to jump between an informal notes section and your actual paper.
  • The blinking cursor may seem like a minor change but it’s great for early braille readers. By having a blinking cursor, it’ll be easier for new braille readers to find it and know where their cursor is located.

There’s a lot of other improvements in 1.2! These include Bluetooth fixes and enhancements, quicker Library navigation, improved Braille Profile configuration, improvements to auto scroll, new benefits to the Online Libraries, and much more!


Mantis Only:

Some of the notable Mantis-only changes are a terminal clipboard, the ability to switch between keyboard layouts, a start in terminal mode, and some additional languages.

  • The terminal clipboard is a really cool feature that allows users to do something that’s normally impossible: interact with their local device while still connected to a screen reader. Normally, when you’re connected to a screen reader, it runs the whole show, but with this feature, you can paste content from your local files as well as access info like battery life, and date and time
  • Start in terminal mode is a good feature for those who tend to use the local features, like the Editor, Library, and online libraries, less often and want to jump right into using another device like a computer, tablet, or phone. Set to off by default, this feature, when turned on, will cause your device to start in the terminal menu on startup. We’ve got plans to improve this feature in future updates to make connecting on startup even faster. Note that you can still access local apps, just press the home button to access all your favorite local apps.


Chameleon Only:

Our Chameleon-only features include one-handed mode and Spanish localization.

  • One-handed mode is a great feature that once activated makes the space bar the activator button. Any key combination that you want to send to the unit will get sent as a single key press when you press the space bar. For example, to send space plus F, you’d press space, dot 1, dot 2, dot 4, and then space again. You could press the keys coming before the last space in any order or combination.
  • Spanish localization includes menu translations and braille codes. While changing the menu translations requires a reset, you can quickly and easily change your braille code using either braille profiles or just changing your grades. A good trick here is to set your uncontracted table for Spanish, either LibLouis or Duxbury, and your contracted table for English, again UEB for either LibLouis or Duxbury. Spanish language has been available on the Mantis for some months and we’re happy to bring it to the Chameleon!


The Time to Update is Now!

If you’ve not updated in a long time, you’ll also benefit from the changes in our 1.1.1 update. These include PDF support, a quick notes feature, Exam mode, a braille table toggle, and further improved Bluetooth support.

Our updates, based on your feedback, are vigorously tested by both APH and HumanWare. We’ve also got a great team of volunteer beta testers that assists with each update. These are living products and your needs will dictate what comes next. We’d love to hear your thoughts on them! Let us know what you want to see in future updates by sending your feedback to APH Customer Service at or by joining the Mantis and Chameleon mailing list by sending a blank email to and be a part of the conversation.


Previous Updates

For a historic look at our past updates check out our release notes.

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