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close up of mantis and chameleon refreshable braille displays side by side on a purple background. The green mantis arm logo and white chameleon logos can be seen on their respective cases. Mantis and Chameleon Software Improvements

The Mantis Q40 and Chameleon 20 – two top-of-the-line “hybrid” braille displays from APH- are getting some new upgrades that will make your device better whether you’re an adult professional, a student, or a teacher supporting students with braille displays! If your device is connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll automatically be asked if you’d like to install the update. Just select OK and then follow the instructions. You can also manually check for an update through the Settings menu.

You can also update manually by downloading the update file directly from APH, putting it on a thumb drive or SD card, and then plugging that external drive into your braille display. The update will be recognized, it’ll ask if you’d like to update, and then instructions will follow from there. And just like that, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the best that your APH braille display can offer!

New Features as of May 2021!

  • PDF Support! This feature supports text-based PDFs up to 2 MB in the Editor and 200 MB in the library.
  • Exam mode! This feature temporarily limits the device to just terminal mode and then only over USB. This gives you the confidence that the device is only being used to facilitate the taking of a test, quiz, or other task requiring this level of security. Reminder that terminal mode is the mode that lets the user utilize their display with a screen reader.
  • Quick Notes! Shortcut keys have been added to both devices to allow users to jump into the editor and create a quick note from anywhere outside of terminal mode. On the Chameleon just press backspace plus the letter N and on the Mantis just press ctrl plus function plus N to instantly jump into the Editor and be ready to type a note.

Mantis only

  • Spanish support! Many languages have been added to the Mantis this year and with this update, we’ve added support for Spanish. Users can select the Spanish language to be used in the menus as well as a Spanish keyboard layout and multiple Spanish braille tables. To change language and keyboard layout, go to Settings > Change language. To change braille code, go to Settings > Braille Profile.

There are many other changes included with this update! For a full list of the current release notes, which includes previous releases, please go to our Mantis and Chameleon release notes page.


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