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Aging and Vision Loss: A Handbook for Families

Offers reassuring and helpful information on meeting the needs of a family member who is losing their vision. Includes support and resources for family caregivers.

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Catalog Number: F-B0022-00


Catalog Number: F-B0022-EPUB

Catalog Number: F-B0022

Publishers: APH Press

Authors: Alberta L. Orr, Priscilla Rogers

Format: Print, EPUB

Product Description

As the number of older persons experiencing vision loss continues to increase at an exploding rate over the upcoming years, all of us may find that a family member or friend we care about has become visually impaired. This handbook offers reassuring and helpful information on meeting the needs of a family member who is losing their vision, including support and resources for caregivers.


  • Preface



    Chapter 1 Getting Started: The Basics

    Chapter 2 Recognizing the Signs of Vision Loss

    Chapter 3 Emotional Reactions to Vision Loss

    Chapter 4 Family Dynamics: On the Road to Adjustment

    Chapter 5 Finding Professional Help

    Chapter 6 A New Approach to Everyday Tasks

    Chapter 7 A Home that Supports Independence

    Chapter 8 Vision Loss and Other Health Conditions

    Chapter 9 Support from Friends and the Community

    Chapter 10 Enjoying Leisure Activities

    Afterword: The Road Ahead

    Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers




    About the Authors

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    Authors/Editors: Alberta L. Orr, Priscilla Rogers

    Media: Book

    Format: Print, EPUB

    Language: English

    Publishers: APH Press

    Publication Date: 2006

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