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Match-It-Up Frames: Large Set

Use these frames to facilitate learning tasks related to matching, sequencing, patterning, and counting.


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Catalog Number: 1-08827-00

Product Description

Match-It-Up Frames: Large Set activities can be custom-designed to address specific learning needs of visually impaired students, as well as those with multiple disabilities.

The six frames included with the large set are designed to fit on APH’s All-In-One Board (1-08836-00). The matching frames included in each kit differ in color (yellow, white, and black), number, and size of “”windows.”” Rectangular cutouts from each frame can be used as masking overlays to block out selected windows depending on the task. To optimize visual contrast, the yellow and white frames should be applied to a black, hook-receptive surface, and the black frames should be applied to a white magnetic surface. All frames consist of a raised/visual bar that separates the top and bottom rows of the windows.

Starter packages of card packs come in a variety of colors and can be used to con-struct permanent, readymade matching cards, or other cards (e.g., letter/word cards, tactile symbol/communication cards, sequencing cards). Starter packages of hook coins and magnetic tabs are provided and can be applied to the back of constructed matching cards depending on the intended working surface (hook-receptive or mag-netic). Some real objects (or flat shapes) with applied hook or magnetic tabs can be positioned within the open windows of the frames, against the chosen surface. Mag-netic- or hook-backed components available in other APH products may be used in combination with the Match-It-Up Frames sets.

The instruction booklet presents illustrated examples of possible uses, including color matching, number sequencing, spatial concepts, patterning, literacy activities, story re-telling, and calendar activities.

This product contains small parts and is not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.