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Tactile Theme Pack: In My Yard

Create tactile books about a child’s discoveries of various plants, animals, and insects living in their backyard or local park using the tactile items and textures provided in Tactile Theme Pack: In My Yard. The items in this pack can also be used “right out of the box” for early learning activities fostering development of concepts, tactual discrimination, and exploratory skills.

Note: The quantity, color, and/or type of material may change due to unanticipated and unavoidable changes in material availability.


Federal Quota Eligible

Catalog Number: 1-08823-00


Product Description

Tactile Theme Pack: In My Yard provides an assortment of exciting tactile items and textures that resemble things a child might find in their yard or at a local park. The contents of this kit consist of consumable and reusable pieces that can be used to create outdoor themed tactile books, representations, and learning activities. The insert included suggests various types of books and tactual activities that can be devised with the contents of the theme pack. Set up a wide range of activities and exercises for children with visual impairments including:

  • Sorting and matching based on texture, size, shape
  • Counting and sequencing
  • Letter naming and phonemic awareness (ask the child to find one or more items or textures that begin with a particular letter and/or sound)
  • Tactual exploration, search, and discrimination
  • Production of tactile artwork
  • Production of tactile activity sheets for students


For extensive guidance in tactile book creation, check out APH’s Guide to Designing Tactile Books.

    • Assists teachers in locating materials for assembling tactile books and tactile learning activities
    • Saves educators time and funds, particularly when used with APH’s Tactile Book Builder Kit
    • Prevents educators from having to buy large quantities of textured and tactile materials
    • Seasonal greenery
    • Leaf spray
    • Flower spray
    • Artificial turf mat
    • Bark textured wallpaper
    • Bumpy lizard textured wallpaper
    • Faux reptile textured wallpaper
    • Gray flocked suede paper
    • Bird feathers
    • Pack of artificial butterflies (small and large)
    • Plastic bugs
    • Flat-backed glass “pebbles”
    • Rubbery earthworms
    • Large silk leaves
    • Blue satin ribbon
    • Raffia
    • Large print and braille written insert
  • “There is a wonderful diversity of textures which simulate realistic tactual outdoor experiences, so I think this would be very easy to use to make experience/concept books.”

    “It is a great combination of resources when creating tactile books/images about nature and outside.”

    “It provides great materials for sorting/matching, counting, and beginning sounds. It also is great for art projects and tactile books!”

    “It was very helpful in making a book about our nature walk and making the items come to life. The small animals [plastic bugs, earthworms, butterflies] were good to use for counting and sorting.”

  • Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Age: 3 to 7 years

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