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Tactile Town: 3-D O&M Kit

An interactive, 3-D model that teaches spatial concepts and cognitive mapping skills.


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Tactile Town is inviting to both tactile and visual learners, with attractive, customizable, and flexible pieces incorporating contrasting colors, textures, and recognizable features. The Kit assists in the development of cognitive mapping skills by helping students perceive and organize their physical environment specific to concepts such as street layouts, intersections, route patterns, and city block arrangements.

The large print Teacher’s Guidebook (braille version available separately) provides 17 suggested layout activities that are presented in a progressive manner, from compass directions to a complex city block. Each activity has full-color photos and labeled sections. Other Guidebook features include interactive games and a concepts/skills checklist that can be completed using the Microsoft Word ®file on the accompanying CD-ROM. Accessible versions (html, brf, txt, and dtb) of the Guidebook are also on the CD-ROM.

This product contains small parts and is not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.