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Beloved APH Products Get UEB Update

Coloring pages, palette, paint pots, paint, and brushes from Paint Pot Palette.

We’ve been hard at work expanding our offering of materials produced in Unified English Braille (UEB). We’re excited to introduce a few new products now in UEB format. Plus, find out what’s getting an update next!


Newly Updated Products

  • Paint Pot Palette encourages visual and tactile exploration in beginning artists with watercolor paint, braille labels, raised line coloring sheets, and more.!



Previously Updated

  • Fun with Braille is a book of entertaining activities designed to provide additional practice for adults and children who are already familiar with braille contractions.




  • Quick Pick Braille Contractions is a fun and challenging flashcard game that teaches UEB braille contractions, and can be played at school, at home, and in the car!




Coming Soon in UEB!

  • Rigby Nonfiction Kits 4-6 UEB
  • KeyMath3 UEB supplemental pages will be available soon. This will provide the ability of the teacher to administer the test in either UEB with Nemeth or UEB math/science.


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