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Access Technology

APH shop featured image of a student using a magnifier to read their school work.

Access Technology Products

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Rendering of PixBlaster Embosser

Produce high-quality braille and tactile graphics with PixBlaster™! Detailed and thorough embosser set-up and other training tutorial videos help to…


Catalog Number: 1-08070-00

Federal Quota Eligible

19 in stock (can be backordered)


PrivatePhones: Stereo Headphones with Fully Enclosed Earpads
Private Phones Head Phones

PrivatePhones headphones completely enclose the ears and have a handy volume control. These headphones work with APH devices such as…


Catalog Number: 1-07088-00

Federal Quota Eligible

267 in stock


Stereo Headphones with Ear Cushions and Volume Control

Headphones with a 3.5 mm miniplug and ear cushions.


Catalog Number: 1-18986-01

Federal Quota Eligible

432 in stock


Submersible Audio Light Sensor (SALS)
Two students each holding a SALS probe with the tip immersed in a flask filled with colored fluid on the left and clear fluid on the right.

SALS makes science activities more accessible than ever! The device has a plastic-covered glass tube with a rectangular box on…


Catalog Number: 1-03995-00

Federal Quota Eligible

79 in stock


This product is discontinued.

TactPlus Printer Paper
TactPlus Printer Printer Paper

APH has discontinued sale of the Tactplus Printer and related products. Please visit Ability2Access for ongoing sales and support.


Catalog Number: 1-08061-00

Replacement Item

Not Federal Quota Eligible


Visual Brailler

Visual Brailler is a braille writer for your iPad and iPhone, and has a place in every braille transcriber’s toolbox!…

Not Federal Quota Eligible


Zeitgeist Talking Time Machine, Spanish Version

This talking time device combines a number of functions, including dual time zones, calendar, and 10 alarms -- carry in…


Catalog Number: 1-03974-SP

Federal Quota Eligible

4 in stock


ZoomText Annual Student License
ZoomText logo and Zoomy mascot

For only $89 per annual subscription, students with low vision can enlarge and enhance everything on their computer screen. ZoomText...


Catalog Number: D-11003-ED

Federal Quota Eligible

177 in stock