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Feel n’ Peel Sheets, Carousel of Textures II

These colorful, tactile sheets provide a simple way to create graphs and adapt games and art projects.


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Catalog Number: 1-08897-00


Used by teachers, parents, students, and adults – these sheets provide an extended assortment in a variety of textures and colors to complement Carousel of Textures I.

Example Uses:

  • Use for classroom art activities (creating greeting cards or classroom bulletin boards/posters).
  • Construct tactile shapes, numbers, or letters
  • Make tactile stickers of various shapes (use a single-hole punch or decorative punches available from craft stores).
  • Construct texture and/or color-matching cards and shapes (can be affixed to mounting cards for use with products such as APH’s Match-It-Up Frames).

Note: The textured sheets included in Carousel of Textures II are not intended for thermoforming purposes. The colors, textures, and/or quantities of sheets and types of adhesive included may differ over time from those listed above, due to unexpected changes in availability.

    • Adapt games, puzzles, or storybooks.
    • Make textured worksheets, bar graphs, pie charts for math, science, or social studies classes
    • Construct texture and color matching cards and shapes
    • Use as fill patterns in collage tactile graphic displays and maps
    • Use for classroom art activities
    • Construct tactile shapes, numbers, or letters
    • Label/mark personal belongings
    • Make tactile stickers of various shapes
    • Use as tactile marking mats for coloring activities
    • Translucent “Brick” Vinyl Sheets
    • Translucent “Bubble” Vinyl Sheets
    • Translucent “Wavy” Vinyl Sheets
    • Translucent “Grid” Vinyl Sheets
    • Vivelle™ Sheets
    • Vivelle™ PapierPlus Sheets
    • Craft Foam Sheets
    • Stiff Felt Sheets
    • Grass Paper
    • Iridescent Card Stock
    • Non-Skid Sponge Rubber Sheets
    • Double-Backed Adhesive Sheets
    • Sticky Dots® Adhesive
    • Suggested Uses Sheet (Large Print and Braille)
  • Additional information

    Weight: 5 lbs

    Dimensions: 12.7 × 15.05 × 3 in



    Language: English

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

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