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Snap Circuits Jr. Access Kit

Make Snap Circuits® Jr. accessible with this kit!


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Snap Circuits Jr. teaches children 8 and older about circuits, current, resistance, switches, motors, and other basic electronics concepts. Sold in stores, Snap Circuits Jr. is widely used in classrooms because the parts are durable, colorful, and easy to assemble into projects that illuminate, make sounds, and more. The Snap Circuits Jr. Access Kit, which is sold exclusively through APH, includes the commercial product and makes it accessible to blind and visually impaired users by providing parts labeled in braille, along with written project instructions in braille and large print.

The kit gives instructions for building 101 projects, and inventive students can create more. All the parts snap together on the building surface, called the “breadboard,” to form circuits with a perceptible result.

The written instructions give step-by-step directions for assembling each project, along with a brief description of the purpose of the project and interesting features to learn about. Students will gain basic knowledge of circuits, conduction, resistance, switches, and other electronics concepts while enjoying the satisfaction of snapping the parts into place and turning each circuit on.

The Snap Circuits® Jr. Access Pack is offered for customers who already own the Snap Circuits Jr. commercial kit; it contains only the accessible instructions and braille labels for the customer to apply to the parts and storage tray. The Snap Circuits Jr. Access products are tools for learning, recreation, and classroom inclusion.